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Woman asks if she was wrong to snap at fiancé's aunt for criticizing her armpit hair.

Woman asks if she was wrong to snap at fiancé's aunt for criticizing her armpit hair.


Family relationships are complicated enough when we're not in quarantine...

If you have an unconventional career you might face a certain amount of judgment from those closest to you. While sometimes people think they're helping you by inflicting their opinions and lifestyle choices onto you and your path, hateful comments should never be tolerated.

While we're in quarantine, we can't brush off a spat with our partner's family by going out with friends and venting (unless it's on Zoom) which has made Reddit's moral compass: "Am I the As*hole?" an even more valuable resource. When an adult performer specializing in fetishes had a moral dilemma about her behavior toward her partner's aunt, people were definitely ready to chime in with their advice.

AITA for telling my fiance's aunt - and a good portion of his family - that I waxed my armpits for porn?

I'm an adult performer who found her niche in fetish productions due to my 'natural body hair' - I stopped shaving quite a number of years ago because I'm prone to really gross looking razor burn and suddenly, my 'career' took off. I make a decent living doing mostly solo work, more than enough to live on and build up a savings.

I'm open about my body hair but not my 'career', so I tend to just tell people that it's a societal statement or something similar. My fiance's family all knows that I'm pretty proud of my body hair. I don't think it detracts from my looks or femininity at all.

Recently, though, I was hired to do a "bimbofication" series that paid very well, and they paid me extra on top of the usual base salary to completely remove all of my body hair on camera. They sent a whole damn waxing setup and I made the videos and I got paid.

I posted a couple of selfies with my arms in the air to Facebook with the caption of, "look what I did! Quarantine boredom is getting to me!" and didn't think much of it until Sunday, during a Zoom call with my fiance's aunt and a couple of female cousins for some wedding flowers I was bullied into getting from the aunt because she's a florist.

The aunt brought up my body hair transformation immediately and was like, 'oh, I bet you did it for the wedding!'

I tried to deflect and say it was really just quarantine boredom, but she kept on keeping on.

"Oh, you probably feel more feminine! I bet you feel prettier! Don't you smell better? You want to keep it gone forever now, don't you? Welcome to the ranks of real women!"

I deflected no less than a dozen ridiculous statements from the aunt tying together my femininity with bald armpits, and I finally snapped and said, 'no, you're right, I didn't do it because I was bored, I did it for porn that your NEPHEW recorded and I'll do it again once the sh*t grows back.'

Then I hung up the call. My fiance isn't terribly pissed, but he's getting calls to end the wedding from his extended family. He's mostly annoyed that his phone hasn't stopped ringing since yesterday afternoon. Thankfully, his parents aren't interested in this drama, probably because we're the picture of a mundane family. Overlooking this detail, obv.

The aunt is no longer doing the flowers which is an unnecessary bill I don't have to pay, but I'm wondering.

AITA for telling my fiance's aunt that I waxed my armpits for spank bank material?

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