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Woman calls cops on date who 'stole' her car; he says he was buying her breakfast.

Woman calls cops on date who 'stole' her car; he says he was buying her breakfast.


When you're first seeing someone new, it's often best to tread slowly until they've proven themselves trustworthy. Being careful can sometimes feel at odds with the whirlwind of romantic feelings, but it often pays off in the long run.

Still, the person on the receiving end of caution doesn't always react well to being screened for trustworthiness. And these dynamics can play out in big misunderstandings.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong to call the cops on a new romantic interest after he borrowed her car without asking.

She wrote:

'AITA for calling the cops and causing him to be taken in for taking my car key and using it while I was sleeping?'

So, I've been seeing this guy 30M (Kevin) for several months now. We'd visit each other weekly and last week, he spent the night with me. The next morning I woke up 9AM and couldn't find him or my car. I searched for my car key that was in the bottom drawer in my son's room (I usually hide it in there and no one knows about this secret place) but couldn't find it.

I freaked out and tried calling Kevin but his phone was dead so I ended up calling the police after waiting for like 10 minutes. Shortly after, I discovered that Kevin was found with my car in the supermarket's parking lot.

He was taken in by authorities and the car was returned. He was fuming saying I shouldn't have called the cops because he took the car to buy us 'breakfast.' In my defense, he never asked for my permission and I never gave him the okay to drive it.

He argued that he thought I wouldn't mind, much less escalate and call the cops after he's done a nice thing for me and my son. He said he never had issues with cops but because of me now they thought he was a thief. We haven't talked since then. His brother keeps berating me saying I messed up and acted stupidly. AITA for freaking out and calling the cops? I didn't even know how he got the key.

LenoreSkellington thinks OP should keep this man cut off permanently:

NTA. Are you serious? He rifled through your house to find a key. To your car. That he took. Without permission. Do you know his driving history? Does he even have a license? This guy way overstepped. He could have at least left you a note instead of disappearing with your property without permission.

TheDollarCasual reiterated the ways this man overstepped:

This guy 1) went snooping around in your son's room, 2) took your car without your permission, 3) blamed it on you when you did the logical thing when your car was missing, and 4) recruited his brother to help 'berate' you. This guy sucks, NTA.

Caltratic_Hobbit thinks Kevin is shady in far more ways than one:

Um...forget him literally stealing your car, but what was he doing in your son's room where I'm assuming your son WAS SLEEPING rifling through his stuff while you were unable to intervene because you WERE SLEEPING.

This guy is a creep and you need to keep him away from your son. He sounds like a hardcore predator. Protect your child and keep this man away from your family. NTA.

I doubt Kevin was getting you breakfast. I bet he was meeting someone in that lot for an exchange of something, which is why he was pissed that cops were involved and he tried to flip the script and make himself the victim. He's up to no good.

MbMinx pointed out he could've taken an Uber:

NTA. He stole your car. Never mind his intention, he could have taken an Uber. He took your key, he took your car. He didn't leave a note and he didn't even answer his phone. He 'thought' you wouldn't mind...I would mind very much if some guy I only knew for a few months stole my car.

Amour_fati thinks OP should change all her locks:

NTA. It would have been different if he had taken the keys off the kitchen table, still not right, but different. But how did he even know where the keys were hidden? Going through the kid's drawers? Change all your locks.

From the internet comments, and the context, it's clear that OP did the right thing. The main question left at hand is what was Kevin actually doing when he took the car? Breakfast seems like an unlikely alibi.

Sources: Reddit
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