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Woman tells SIL to 'leave' Christmas dinner after meltdown about tampons. AITA?

Woman tells SIL to 'leave' Christmas dinner after meltdown about tampons. AITA?


Between cleaning, food prep, and navigating everyone's festive emotions, hosting a Christmas gathering can be quite a tall order.

So when you add any meltdowns into the picture, hosting energy can quickly drain, and the whole get-together can quickly go south.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for telling her future sister-in-law to leave the house, after a meltdown over tampons.

She wrote:

AITA for telling my SIL she can leave Christmas dinner when she freaked out over tampons?

Okay, she’s not my SIL yet but I used it to make the title simpler. She’s my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend. I (f28) have been with my boyfriend (m32, Ian) for 3 years. We’ve decided to host a small, early Christmas dinner. One of the people invited was his brother, Jake (m26).

Jake asked if he could bring his girlfriend as she was all alone (they’ve been together for 3 months) and we agreed, the more the merrier. His girlfriend, Naveah (f28) seemed a bit timid but lovely.

Naveah brought her 8-year-old son (that we didn’t know was coming). She seemed lovely right until she went to the bathroom, she came out shrieking, a box of my tampons in her hand, literally gasping for air in between her shrieks.

I could barely understand her. Turns out, my box of tampons was visible (duuuh, it’s within reach because hey, I need it monthly, why should I hide it and then look for it).

She was going off about being disgusting, how could I be so shameless to have this in front of a child and other men and so on. I looked at her in disbelief, I couldn’t believe she made a scene about a box of tampons, has she never been in a shop?

Anyway, I told her that my tampons stay where they are but if she’s so pressed, she can leave and go home where no tampons are present. She turned red, quite literally, her face was bright pink.

Huffing and puffing, she dressed her kid and told Jake to drive her home which he did. Jake didn’t come back but he called from her house telling Ian that I was the a**hole.

I was surprised to hear that Ian (my boyfriend) agreed with him. I thought he would be on my side. We were about to argue but I decided it wasn’t worth it and went to my office to cool down and think this through. Am I the a**hole for telling her to leave?

The internet was quick to give OP their take on the holiday meltdown.

potentpterodactyl wrote:

NTA - nobody would have f**kin noticed if she didn’t drag the damn things out and yell about it like a buffoon. Keep the box when you’re done. Leave it out if she comes over again.

UrsaGeorge wrote:

OP needs to make a tampon centerpiece for her dining room table. OP's boyfriend needs to grow up.

iron_red wrote:

NTA— This stranger came to your house and insulted you. She’s hardly a member of the family after 3 months of dating your boyfriend’s brother. If she was genuinely concerned about her child seeing the tampons, then she wouldn’t have walked out waving them in the air and screaming.

CrystalQueen3000 wrote:

NTA. It’s a box of unused tampons, she was being a drama llama.

Celestia-Messenger wrote:

Girl , you need a better boyfriend. They are the AH . And the gf entitled attitude brings an unannounced child. No, you were brilliant. Tell boyfriend he can stay at his brother's until he apologizes and sticks up for you.

bethargo wrote:

Who the f**k loses their s**t over a box of unused tampons. And to say that children and men shouldn’t see them? Kids and most men literally don’t care about that kind of stuff, especially kids. She is so weird.

Your bf and his brother are the AH’s for thinking you’re one. She was a guest and also made a very bad first impression. She was extremely rude. You = NTA.

Clearly, everyone agrees that OP is NTA and her boyfriend's brother's girlfriend was way out of line. It seems like a big talk with OP's boyfriend may be in order, since he didn't step up as a partner.

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