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Woman snaps on sister who calls her privileged, says 'you're poor because you're lazy.'

Woman snaps on sister who calls her privileged, says 'you're poor because you're lazy.'


Few topics bring out more intensity than money.

We all need it to survive, it radically affects our quality of life, and having access to more of it can change how others treat us.

When one family member climbs the ladder to a bigger check than another, it can sometimes create jealousy or tension.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for snapping on her younger sister about money.

She wrote:

AITA for telling my sister she’s poor because she’s lazy?

My (F27) sister (F28) and I sometimes attend these dinner parties with our old family friends. My sister always loves to insert snarky remarks about my financial status.

For example, I once brought a dessert that had saffron in it (I didn’t point this out, she did,) and she went on a whole tangent about how it must be nice to be able to be “privileged enough to afford expensive spices” while most families are struggling to put a meal on the table because of inflation.

Today, we were at dinner and she criticized me for washing my hands for too long in the sink because it “reflected my privilege of never having to worry about water bills.” This was so ridiculous and I lost it.

I told her that we grew up in the same middle-class household, and I decided to spend my time working to make myself smarter in school while she was lazy and never valued hard work, so her little “privilege” argument makes no sense.

I said the reason I am better off than her today is because I built my own career rather than trying to find the next somewhat rich guy to mooch off of for three months and then get dumped by.

She was really taken aback and started crying and screaming at me, and I just went home to avoid escalating the situation anymore. Looking back, I guess my comments about her dating habits were uncalled for.

But I was tired of having her constantly attack me for literally just existing. AITA?

This topic inspired a lot of comments.

JustF*ckingExhausted wrote:

NTA. File this one under 'Don't start none, won't be none.'

date-ready wrote:

NTA - damn OP, saffron AND water?!? You must be rolling in cash.

samechangedman wrote:

You don't always have to take the high road. Sometimes people need it exactly how they give it. NTA.

Moon-spirited wrote:

NTA. She was being jealous and you were tired of her BS. She needs to stop with the pity party and realize how stupid she sounds arguing that you’re privileged and she’s not when you both grew up in the same household and with the same opportunities.

Clearly, the internet is on OP's side with this one. Her sister played a stupid game, and won a stupid prize.

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