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'AITA for telling my neighbor to $%#^ off after she demanded I clean her house?'

'AITA for telling my neighbor to $%#^ off after she demanded I clean her house?'


We all know the saying 'no good deed goes unpunished.'

Sadly, it rings true in many cases. For few people who genuinely appreciate an act of kindness, there is an entitled person lurking in the shadows, waiting to leech off your good will.

This dynamic was perfectly exemplified in a popular post on the AITA subreddit, where a woman asked if she was wrong for telling off her neighbor for demanding a favor.

She wrote:

AITA for telling my neighbor to f*** off after she demanded I clean her house?

English is my second language so I apologize in advance for any mistake. I am a Latina woman married to an American man, we live in a small community in Florida where most people are nice and kind to me.

For context I love cleaning, I like trying new products just for fun. A couple of times I’ve offered to clean other people's houses, free of charge, just to help them. Among of them, a widow who recently lost her husband of 50 years.

A neighbor who had a baby and has a 3-year-old daughter. Another neighbor who had a car accident. I go to their houses and I clean for them once or twice a week. A few days ago I was sitting on my couch when I heard someone knock on my door.

It was odd because we have a doorbell. I opened the door and this lady, around 40, whom I’ve seen just a couple of times said: “it took you a while to open the door.” I looked at her like I didn’t understand what she just said and I only mumbled huh?

She then asked me in the most entitled tone, “I want to know when are you going to clean my house for free.” At this point I was trying not laugh and I just asked her, 'why would I do that?'

She then proceeded to mention all the houses in the neighborhood I’ve cleaned and she wanted to know why I haven’t been to her house yet.

She then yelled at me, yes, yelled loud enough to make my next door neighbor to come outside to see what was going on, she was yelling at me because I wasn’t replying to her.

I was still trying to process how on earth this woman thought she had the right to come to my house and demand that I clean her house, for free. I just said, I am never going to clean your house.

I am not the neighborhood’s maid, I’ve only helped a few people. She then demanded that I help her, at this point I had enough so I just said “f*** off and I closed the door.

Later that day when my husband got home, she ran to him and told him I am rude person and how I yelled at her. When I explained him what happened he told me I shouldn’t have talked to her like that and next time I should be nicer. AITA?

People quickly filled the thread with their hot takes and comments.

Level-Particular-455 wrote:

NTA - your husband really is though? Is this an isolated incident or does he belittle you a lot?

Upset_Impress7804 wrote:

I am usually someone who tries to see all sides before reserving judgment, but my first reaction was F the neighbor and esp F the husband for not immediately sticking up for his wife OVER A STRANGER. SMH. NTA.

NotSoAverage_sister wrote:

I view it as volunteering. Some people volunteer at soup kitchens, some volunteer at animal shelters, some at libaries.

OP likes to volunteer in people's homes. It's different, because usually the only houses I clean for free (besides my own) are for seniors in my family.

But all if the situations she mentioned make sense. The neighbor in a car accident, that's so kind and helpful. The lady with a new baby? I remember that feeling. Nothing was clean for a good month after I gave birth. The widow? I empathize.

My FIL went through a period where he didn't do any cleaning in his house after his wife (my MIL) died. He needed help. He's better now. But right after the funeral? He needed help. And we gave it to him. This is OP's way of spreading kindness.

Also, I'm Latina. I fully understand the undertones if racism that could be happening here. But I don't think all the neighbors view her as the cleaning lady. I think they probably view her as an angel from heaven, and they appreciate her.

She definitely shouldn't clean the EP's house, but that doesn't mean she should stop cleaning altogether.

Ok-Context1168 wrote:

NTA. That neighbor is incredibly rude And your husband's response was insane. Next time when someone shows up to your home and demands you to clean their nicer? Hell no.

mammaistired wrote:

Nta. This woman is insane. And your husband should have your back. I would be super mad at my husband for saying that to me. He would be cleaning up his own messes 😂

Obviously, OP did nothing wrong. Hopefully, her husband takes a look at his response and redirects his attitude.

Sources: Reddit
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