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Woman tells husband 'she can't force' daughter to invite him to wedding he paid for.

Woman tells husband 'she can't force' daughter to invite him to wedding he paid for.


Hell hath no fury quite like a wedding invitation withheld.

There are few ways to spark family drama quite like not inviting a family member to a wedding, particularly when everyone else is on the guest list. But it happens far more often than you'd think.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she's wrong for telling her husband she can't force her daughter to invite him to her wedding.

She wrote:

AITA for telling my husband that I can't force my daughter to invite him to her wedding even when he has contributed towards it?​​​​​​

I have a daughter 'Leah' who's 23. I met my current husband when she was 16 and she never really saw him as a dad although he's always been there which is part of who he is, he values family and she respects him a lot.

He has a son 'Justin' who's 27 and there were issues involving some money my stepson inherited from his mother's side of the family. Leah was counting on the fact that Justin would share but it didn't happen.

This caused a huge fallout especially when my husband got involved. Leah had claimed he didn't see her as family and went low contact. Then 2 years later things started to get better.

She's getting married and my husband suggested contributing money towards her wedding as a way to make up for the inheritance money Justin refused to share with her. She agreed but only sent me an invitation.

When my husband saw that the invitation only had my name on it, we both discovered that Leah did not want him to attend. I felt absolutely devastated but didn't say a word because it's her wedding.

My husband fought with me regarding my stance and I told him it's her wedding and I can't force her to invite him even when he put money towards it. It is ok? No. But it's out of my hand I'm just basically a guest. He didn't like that.

He stormed off then had Justin call to berate me and call me and Leah opportunists who 'took full advantage' of his father. I was heartbroken over that. AITA for what I said to him?

The internet jury soon brought in their verdicts.

Ok-Management9020 wrote:

I’m trying to figure out why in the hell would your daughter think she would get some money from her stepbrother’s inheritance from HIS MOTHER.

Then she gets money from your husband to pay for her wedding but didn’t include him on the invitation and doesn’t want him there.

She never has seen him as a father figure but expected money from his son that he got from his mother??? YTA lady especially your daughter. I’m with the son on this you’re both opportunists.

cynical-mage wrote:

YTA, and you've raised an AH daughter as well. Why the heck would your daughter think she's hard done by in any way, shape, or form for not getting a slice of her step-brother's inheritance from the completely unconnected side?!

Entitled vultures, without even the decency of extending an invite to your unfortunate husband.

TamponsAreEvil wrote:

Why would your daughter assume that her stepbrother would share inheritance money from his mom’s side of the family with her? This is baffling to me. Also, YTA.

No-Jello7728 wrote:

YTA but to a lesser degree. The real AH is Leah. Her behavior is not how a loving family treats each other. You are a lesser AH for not taking your husband's side.

If it were me, I would give Leah an ultimatum to either respect you AND your husband or go her separate way and try to make it on her own.

This almost same exact scenario happened with my uncle who was the biological father married to my cousin's stepmom. They gave her a choice and she chose to cut them off. Don’t be a doormat

Edit: I re-read the post. Leah is angry at Justin for inheriting money…FROM HIS MOTHER'S SIDE. Leah has literally 0 claim to any of it and Justin does not owe her sh*t.

She’s an even bigger AH and now I’m questioning how she was raised. YTA without a doubt.

Clearly, the internet has some strong thoughts about OP and her daughter's entitled behavior. Hopefully, OP is open to a wake-up call.

Sources: Reddit
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