Now you know this can happen. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Just in case you weren't aware, it's entirely possible that a snake is slithering through a wall into your kitchen at this very moment. It's probably not happening, but it might be. In all likelihood, no. But maybe?

Actually, forget I mentioned it or that I posted a video up there of this very thing happening to some other people. You really should not worry about it. Just put it out of your head. Even if a snake did come into your kitchen (or living room or bathroom or bedroom), you'd probably see it before it bit you. Unless it's dark or you're sleeping. Or if you, like, just aren't paying attention and you're thinking about other things and then BAM! there's a goddamn snake two inches in front of your face! But that, in all likelihood, will not happen.

Sources: Laura Neff | h/t Viral Viral Videos