All this is missing is some more darkness and glowing eyes in the underbrush.

From the "nope" department, here's a really good reason not to go into the woods and make the same noises that animals with pointy teeth make, unless you're carrying a gun like this dude. This is the vocal equivalent of the guy who made the terrible decision to squash a spider and received a horrible surprise.

Granted, coyotes don't pose too much of a threat to two full-grown dudes equipped with very loud and bullet-filled guns. That said, coyote attacks are on the rise as urban sprawl exposes coyotes to humans more often. The animals, which are smaller than wolves, can weigh up to 40-45 pounds and travel in packs—they're also responsible for the majority of livestock deaths from predators. As urban sprawl expands, they switch to scavenging human food, further decreasing their natural fear of us—as a result, attacks on pets and children have increased.

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