Who's sassy, flashy, and doesn't have the resources to give his people 24-hour electricity? North Korea's Kim Jong-Un, your new summertime friend!

It's shorts weather! Wait, I mean "shortage weather." (via Mashable/KCNA)

Earlier this week, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) released photos of Kim Jong-Un visiting North Korea's Farm No. 1116, and he was looking ready for summer fun in his white shirt, straw hat, and coy smile that said, "Nuclear program? I'll never tell!" According to the KCNA, Kim Jong-Un was taking in lots of traditional summertime sights:

Feasting his eyes on crops doing well in the fields of standardized shapes, cozy public buildings and dwelling houses, he said with great satisfaction that they look nice as they present fantastic scenery of the socialist rural area of the country.
Sources: Korean Central News Agency | Mashable