Netflix is bringing back the Inspector in 3D.

All your favorites are returning! Penny, Brain the dog, that guy who gets exploded a lot...all your favorite (or more forgettable) characters will be streaming on Netflix next Friday, March 27th. The CGI reboot makes them bright, exciting and new again, so cancel all weekend plans.

The Inspector's gadgets are really getting their due with that crisp animation, and Dr. Claw's scary weaponized hand makes an ominous cameo. And does Inspector Gadget look slimmer since the show aired? Let's review the tapes:

That theme song was for the original cartoon, which aired from 1983-1986. There are going to be 26 episodes for this iteration, so strap in for a very long trip down memory lane. Let's watch the Inspector's crime-fighting glory be maintained by a woman and a dog who never get any credit. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Sources: Mashable