President Obama will be back in his hometown of Chicago today, Tuesday January 9th to deliver his farewell administration speech. Here are the details of when, where to watch and what to expect.

When: Tuesday, January 9th at 9 pm EST.

Where: Chicago.

Where to watch: Most major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) and cable news networks will broadcast the speech, but you can also watch the speech online at

While Obama's final farewell will likely look back on some of his accomplishments and historic moments that reminded the nation "yes, we can" according to the White House, it won't merely be a victory lap. A good portion of the speech will focus on looking ahead at the challenges facing the United States and a passing of the torch, according to White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki. Rather than simply reflecting on the last eight years, the speech will focus on motivating the American people to keep fighting for their democracy and a call for new voices and ideas to emerge. Psaki told reporters that President Obama chose Chicago for the speech because it was the location that eventually led him to the White House.


"Chicago was a natural place for him, not just because it's hometown," Psaki said, "but because it's where he got his political start, and it's where he really first learned the lesson … that it's about the actions of individuals and the actions of people, that's how real change happens." Via Chicago Tribune

This is the final planned speech to the Union Obama will deliver before President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in on Inauguration Day, January 20th.

Sources: White House