After Walmart shut down five stores, they sent this handout to the 2,200 laid-off employees.

Coping with betrayal. (OUR Walmart via Gawker)

In just the latest example of Walmart being shitty, the corporate behemoth closed five stores in four states earlier this month with no advance notice. The 2,200 affected employees were only given a few hours notice that they would be out of a job, with only a few lucky ones being allowed to transfer to other locations. Those five stores won't open for another six months.

Now, the people at OUR Walmart, a nonprofit advocacy group for Walmart employees that is part of UFCW, have provided this outrageous document to Gawker. Apparently, this deeply insulting handout was given to employees on the day they were laid off. The memo contains advice on "Coping With Transition," as in: the transition from having a terrible job to being out on your ass.

Sources: Gawker