Mmm, nothing like a hot, fresh shark to start your mornin'.

Redditor Tombstone9 (a.k.a. Abe) has a "morbid fear" of sharks. So naturally, his coworkers thought a terrifying shark photo would be the best way to let him know they missed him while he was out. In case that wasn't clear, they also drew a hand giving the middle finger. And in case that still wasn't clear, they also wrote "fuck you" on the shark photo.

See, Abe had just committed the greatest coworker sin of all: taking a two-week vacation. To his pals at the office, he was now a pariah—someone who wasn't exhausted and burnt out, someone who might even be glad to be back at work. He definitely needed a reminder that life is horrible, and that's what he got. Abe "thanked them for their prank by cleaning all the glass and vacuuming the shop, cuz thats how the bottom of the totem pole shows it's [sic] love." Welcome back, Abe.

Sources: Redditor Tombstone9