WARNING: This list of best office pranks ever pulled may make you even more paranoid at work.

WARNING: This list of best office pranks ever pulled may make you even more paranoid at work.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world they should work in an office.

When I'm bored at work, I like to look at what other people do to fight boredom at their jobs. The answer? Pranks. According to my extensive study on the subject, all you have to do to make a great office prank is be a dick and have spare time. Here are the best office pranks on the Internet:

1. The air horn chair.

Sure, it requires some patience. But the payoff is, well, loud.

2. The Internet-Explorer-Is-Your-Only-Option.


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This is just cruel. Shudder.

3. The escaped spider.

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Even spiders feel like they gotta get out of this place.

4. The Post-It car.


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If your coworker goes on vacation, like Jim did, they're basically asking for it.

5. The broken mouse.


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Yeah, sure, a "friend." A friend who just improved your day by having their morning ruined.

6. The women's bathroom fakeout.


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This isn't an HR violation, but it may lead to one.

7. The hidden 'Grudge' girl.


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In case you weren't aware, The Grudge girl is the ghost from a horror film—the only person you don't want staring over your shoulder at work even more than your boss.


Eek. (via Wikipedia)

8. The fake sneeze.

The best way to nail your hypochondriac coworker is to fake an over-the-cubicle sneeze with some cleaning product. Even better? Hide his Purell first.


9. The yearbook photo.


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Step 1: Find a coworker's 8th grade yearbook photo. Step 2: Make photocopies. Step 3: New wallpaper for his cubicle. It's like middle school all over again.


We should never have had to see this.

10. The voice-activated coffee machine.


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A new coffee machine is an opportunity to get everyone in your office talking. It took three hours before people realized this was a prank, and the guy who did it got about 25 people at his LA pharmaceutical firm to say their drink orders out loud. They were convinced it was broken.


11. The Bieberification.


David Thorne, an Australian comedian, pranked a coworker by photoshopping Bieber's face onto every single one of the stock photos he had in a folder on his computer. When the guy complained, Thorne replied, "You can still use them. Justin Bieber is very popular." (This whole prank might be fake, but it's still a good idea.)

12. Finally: the best office prank of all... Getting rid of someone's office entirely:

As the video shows, it's surprisingly easy to make your coworker's office disappear. You just need a visit to the hardware store and a lot of time on your hands. Turns out this guy was getting the retaliation he deserved for a prank the week before...which is a risk you have to be willing to take.