Sharing a communal fridge at the office can be frustrating, and we all have our own methods of ensuring our co-workers don't take our food. One police station in the UK has taken it way beyond passive aggressive post-it notes.

This photo was posted by a police officer trainee who happened upon a communal fridge at Halifax Police Station in the UK, The Daily Mail reports.

Yup, those milk bottles are padlocked. And one of them has "Danger of Infection" tape wrapped around it.


After the original tweet was posted, the photo began circulating around the interwebs. It went viral after another Twitter user shared it on his account with the caption, "Imagine working in an office with these kind of people."


Some people thought the padlocks were a bit extreme.


Some people were less offended by the padlocks than they were by the choice of milk.

Others shared their own methods for deterring co-workers from drinking their milk.

It just goes to show, people will do crazy things to protect their snacks. We can't say we blame them.