If you don't want your convenience store to get robbed, you don't need a gun behind the counter. You just need someone everybody knows.

Cool, see ya later! (via KMGH)

A man in a blue hoodie, jeans, and a bandana popped into a Quick Stop in Wheat Ridge, Colorado this week, intending to rob the place, and then immediately changed his mind when he recognized the clerk. That's when the would-be robber decided he should have a little chit-chat before making any decisions.

According to the Indy Channel,

"The store clerk said the suspect looked at him and said, "(Expletive), I was going to rob this place but I know you."

The suspect then asked the clerk, "Do you know me?" When the clerk replied he did not recognize the man, the suspect said, "Good" and walked out of the store while giving a "thumbs up" sign to the clerk."
Sources: The Indy Channel