His wife wasn't about to get out of the AC just because the car rolled.

Everything about this car crash story is nice. First of all, what a nice setting! It's in lovely Bel Air, CA (a town about one rare cab ride away from West Philadelphia, PA), where this couple of 80-somethings were going for a nice, slow drive. Then, they did a nice, slow rollover. I know it was nice and slow because they're both incredibly old and shockingly uninjured. All the driver had to do after flipping the car was slightly adjust her seating posture to stay comfortable, and her husband of 60+ years was able to climb up out of the passenger door in his industrial-strength khakis while wearing Tevas and socks.


Even nicer, apparently no one gave their names to any news agencies, so bloggers like me can't give away their information. What gives, people? Suddenly we're treating the elderly and the injured with respect and restraint? This is no way to run an Internet.

He's. Holding. Her. Purse.

Also, I'm impressed with the car. It may not have been going fast but those are some fragile passengers it was protecting.

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