Well, duh. If she needs it, then she needs it.

Perhaps the best part of this 1950s clipping from the New York Mirror (via @NigelBritto) is the name of the column: "You Said It!" Like, hey, we didn't say this awful stuff. You did. Your problem. Or it might be the men's jobs: counterman, barber, parking lot attendant, toy factory owner. Today, they'd all be graphic designers and graduate students and bloggers. But back in the '50s, men worked with their hands, and not just when disciplining their wives.

Or maybe it's the fact that the Mirror couldn't find one dissenting voice, one man who thought that a gently worded request—or even bribery with gifts or emotional manipulation—would be just as effective as a spanking. Then there's William Davis, who doesn't care if a woman "needs it" or not. He just thinks the occasional spanking can make a woman realize "how well off" she is. That's right. Because she has a husband who isn't afraid to spank her just to make sure she's grateful for anytime he isn't spanking her.

Sources: @NigelBritto