Get ready to fall down a snail hole. It's gross and squishy.

Yum? (via BoingBoing)

My snail spiral started with this gif, posted earlier today on BoingBoing. It's weird but cute, right?

Well, strap on your shells, because my curiosity found us the following video of a snail eating a slug. Slowly. In slimy detail. Close up. But you can't look away.

I think part of what's so disturbing to me is that a slug basically feels like a snail that's away from home, right? So a big snail eating a slug is like... a big dog eating a smaller dog. Like, if a husky crept up on a Jack Russell terrier and ate it. Slowly. And then ATE ITS SLIME TRAIL. Get ready to be mesmerized/terrified.

Sources: BoingBoing