There've been numerous, probing studies over the past few weeks into the behaviors of introverts and extroverts. So many that it might seem the blogiverse is trying to split the human race into two factions, pitting vert against spiteful vert, until these two social sects wipe each other out leaving the blogs free to mate their listicles and repopulate.

But what of those who fell through the cracks, the in-betweens, the people who could lay no claim to either vert? In other words, what about the vast majority of humanity? Where's the list of easily applicable social behaviors for them? Fear not, brave, average creature. For below are the 15 SIGNS YOU'RE NEITHER AN INTROVERT NOR AN EXTROVERT, YOU'RE JUST A HUMAN BEING WITH LARGELY THE SAME RESPONSES TO SOCIAL SITUATIONS AS EVERYONE ELSE.