This video can inspire you to either workout more or drown your sorrows about your depressing body in a bag of chocolate-covered potato chips. Your choice!

We all need motivation to work out. Some of us get off on the "runner's high" (or climber's high or... bowler's high? Sure). Some of us post pictures of vacation locations on our fridges, wanting to lose weight before we travel. And now, we all of the option to get motivated by watching this insanely fit man lift 100 lbs while doing a chair split.

The video has already motivated me to try doing a chair split in my home office, which motivated me to say to my cat "Holy shit, that's difficult, and I probably shouldn't try that again without someone to spot me." Obviously, I immediately tried it again. The results were pretty much the same, except the cat left the room partway through, either because he's INTIMIDATED BY MY AWESOME FITNESS POWER or sick of my shit.

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