Only 8? Nice try, Cameron.

This is offensive! Why would someone buy his girlfriend chocolate for her period and not even get her something good? "No sugar added" fudgesicles? WTF? Where's the gallon bag of pre-unwrapped Reese's peanut butter cups that she very calmly requested? What kind of a boyfriend are you, sir? Seriously, Lizzie is doing her best here despite The Raging Emotions She Has To Deal With Every Effing Month, but if you aren't even going to try, then just forget it.

Maybe Lizzie is a grumpy bitch because you suck at thoughtful gestures, Cameron, not because it's her period. Did you even consider that, or did you just want to gaslight Lizzie into thinking it's her emotions that are ruining everything, not your obvious inadequacies as a friend and lover? Just go! Go!

Sources: Redditor Curiouslizzie