Though he witnessed a man's nose being cut off, he stayed to the bitter end.

Keep calm and noodle on. (via Shanghaiist)

This video was shot in January, but has only been recently published. I suspect it's been heavily edited, because the fight described is quite gruesome. The Shanghaiist reported that 40 gang members in Keelung City, Taiwan, started a brawl in a noodle shop. Most of them were carrying knives (and one guy something that could be a sword or a short broomstick, can't tell), and there were reports of injuries like tendon slashing and nose removals.

This one guy, who was not involved in any way, was like, "I'm here to eat. I'm going to eat." Even as rival gang members argued over his head, he just moved slightly out of the way and kept chowing down. His focus initially made him a suspect. Taiwanese police viewing the tape saw his serenity as a signal that he was the mastermind behind the whole event. When they caught up with him, he explained that he just didn't want to waste the food that had just arrived at his table. Fair enough! I once finished drinking a fresh-squeezed orange juice at a place where I'd found a roach in my pancake. We all have our things.

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