Monday morning, the 'Good Morning America' Twitter account posted a picture of Simba with his dead dad, because, y'know, Mondays are the worst!

I'll sleep when I'm dead! Hahahaha! Wait... oh. (via The Verge)

Let's all give a big round of applause to the heroes at The Verge who managed to screen grab this Twitter gaffe before it was pulled down — yesterday morning, Good Morning America's Twitter account accidentally posted a picture of dead Mufasa with a reference about how it's so hard to get out of bed on Mondays. Because, y'know, you've ceased to have consciousness.

Unsurprisingly, GMA deleted the Tweet a couple of hours after it was posted. Personally, I appreciate being reminded of the impermanence of our existence first-thing during the work week; it's like saying, "Let's make every moment count before we turn into dust!"

Sources: h/t Mashable | The Verge