"You're a really lucky mountain, because you look good with a few extra tons of snow. Wait. Hold on. That came out wrong!"

Sometimes "don't go there" is a metaphor. Sometimes it's not.

Y'know that moment when something leaves your mouth and you instantly see it break the bonds of social pleasantry in an entire room? That's what this is like, except with real death instead of just being dead to your coworkers. Fortunately, like a fast-talking idiot who barely avoids having to go to HR, this guy came out of it alive enough to post it on YouTube.

Sorin Radu is a rescue worker and avid snowboarder who spends his time bombing around the slopes of the Retezat Mountains in Romania, according to a helpful commenter who says she's almost been wiped out in the same spot several times. Maybe being a rescue worker explains how Radu had the foresight to turn and try to stay at the forefront of the avalanche instead of, y'know, hoping it would gently wash over him.

Sources: Sorin Radu