A phone dropped into the ocean captured the entire trip down to the seafloor.

If the guys in this video weren't so dopey, I would assume it was a viral ad for a waterproof phone case. As it stands, it's still a pretty good endorsement. According to the video's description, the incident happened when uploader Gregory Papadin's brother tried throwing him his phone while the two were swimming. Gregory couldn't catch it, and the phone went plunging down to the seabed below.

They were right by the shore so it didn't fall far, but it was still too deep for the Papadins to reach it. Luckily, their boat's captain was a pro, and knew how to handle the pressure safely. He swam down to retrieve the camera, and the whole adventure was caught on video. Maybe next time, Gregory and his brother will be more careful. But considering how popular this video has become, probably not.

Sources: Gregory Papadin