This snake is hanging out with his natural prey, as the mouse, naturally, prays that the snake doesn't eat him.

In an interview with Australia's 9 News, Queenslander Simon Wood explained the strange scene he caught on camera in the nook of a bridge over the Mulgrave River.

"It was predator and prey — Mother Nature's got bigger plans for them but they've gotta survive together," Wood explains.

The river had already risen about three meters since morning, and rose an inch in just the 15 minutes that Wood and his wife were there watching the animals hide out.

"A little mouse about to walk over the snake — both shivering — and a little skink on top of his back," Wood says in the video.

A skink? A skink is a tiny lizard, and it is indeed hanging out on top of the snake. If you blink you will just miss him leaping for safety, so here's a skink GIF for you.