Good luck making decisions about the local issues of the day now! (via Independent)

27-year-old Nina Siahkali Moradi, an architecture grad student, ran for city council in the town of Qazvin, Iran. Though her campaign failed to mention her chocolate eyes and sultry lips and perfectly manicured brows, anyone could see them in her posters, and it was probably just because she's so pretty that she got 10,000 votes and placed 14th out of 163 candidates. The votes (and her flawless skin) earned Moradi a position as an alternate member for the council.

But when someone left the council to serve as mayor, Moradi was denied her spot as a city council member. Though the MP from Qazvin claims, "Her votes have been nullified due to her disqualification, as the review board did not approve her credentials," (don't bother trying to parse that out; it's just B.S.), a senior official is quoted as saying: "We don’t want a catwalk model on the council."

Sources: The Independent