At the end of last year, I decided I needed to lose weight.

My twin babies had become twin toddlers and we were all sleeping a lot more consistently. I could no longer justify ordering pizza three times a week because I was afraid I would fall asleep on the hot stove while cooking. I had time to wake up and make my lunch, instead of spending the first half of my work day fretting over whether I was going to run over to Wendy's or McDonald's for lunch before ultimately deciding to go to both.

After doing the least amount of research possible, I decided that the Paleo diet was what I was looking for. I Amazon Primed the three cheapest books I could find on the subject.

I immediately started telling everyone about my new lifestyle choice, thinking that I would either be: a) more successful if I knew I would disappoint everyone by failing, or b) able to go on the most epic junk food binge of my life fueled by the knowledge that I had let everyone down. The one unexpected flaw in my plan is that I opened myself up to a barrage of annoying thoughts and opinions from all the dumb people in my life.