Chad and Joey Mudd were arrested for giving their daughters marijuana and cocaine as a "bargaining tool."

Joey Mudd and Chad Mudd (via Pinellas County Sheriff's Department)

Parenting is hard. In these days when everything a kid wants is on their phone, it's tough to give them any incentive to do their homework or their chores. But a father and mother from Largo, Florida found a pretty good motivator: drugs.

The two were arrested for repeatedly smoking pot with their daughters, ages 13 and 15. Their mother, Joey, told authorities that she used it as a reward for when the girls went to school, and for doing homework and chores. Chad also admitted to smoking pot with the girls, in addition to snorting cocaine with them and one of their boyfriends in his truck on at least one occasion. They also have a third daughter in preschool, but there's no evidence she was involved in any of this.

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