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Divorced mom admits, 'motherhood tasks' are making me miserable. AITA?

Divorced mom admits, 'motherhood tasks' are making me miserable. AITA?


When this woman is DONE with motherhood, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for refusing to stop living my life for my kids?'

I got divorced a year ago,it was the best decision I ever made. I basically a maid for the family it was awful not to mention was working at the same time. Overall it been a bit rough for the kids with the youngest being 14 and the oldest being 17.

They are doing well overall and we basically have a 50/50 split with custody. It’s wonderful to have “days off” so much new free time when they are not home so I have been able to explore new hobbies.

So I joined a models club, you build models and show them off, we met once a month to show off our creations, I love it. My 17 year old messed up this week, volunteered for a bake sale didn’t tell me and forgot to make cupcakes.

I was about to leave for my meeting last night and he was panicking about not having it done. He asked me if I could do it and I told him no since I was leaving. These motherhood tasks make me miserable and annoyed.

He was also leaving to hang out with his friend. This morning cupcakes were not made since I wasn’t doing it. We got in a huge fight about me not helping him out. I wasn’t putting my life on hold for a simple mistake he did. He left for his fathers and my ex also got in an argument with me about it and called me a jerk. AITA?

Let's see what internet users had to say.

evilofodd writes:

NTA. It’s not your fault he volunteered himself to make the cupcakes, forgot to inform you of this, neglected to make the cupcakes, and then chose to hang out with his friend when he could have canceled and made the cupcakes.

Your son needs to learn how to prioritize his responsibilities over his wants (he could have cancelled his plans with friend), and learn that neglecting his responsibilities has consequences.

bitterlad7 writes:

NTA. My daughter is around his age. I often tell her a week in advance, 'I have plans Wednesday, so if you need any help, ask me this weekend, Monday, or Tuesday.' It's normal for her to occasionally forget things. She hasn't learned the same calendar habits I have as an adult.

It's okay for her to fail occasionally due to poor planning and learn from it as I still do sometimes, assuming the consequences aren't catastrophic. Final exams? College deadline? Okay, I'll reschedule with my friends! Bake sale? I have plans!

motherefficiency writes:

Especially given that he's 17!! If the kid were 7 or 10 even I could understand needing mom to at the least grab some from the store but at 17? Nope you volunteer, you follow through or face the consequences.

Op NTA but you would've been had you canceled your plans while your son went out with friends and taught him that he can get away with that kind of stuff because you'll always just do it for him.

Looks like OP is NTA! Any advice for this struggling mom?

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