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Man asks if he's wrong to not get excited about baby shopping months before due date.

Man asks if he's wrong to not get excited about baby shopping months before due date.


Being a father is hard, especially when you have a baby on the way. There's so much work to do and sometimes moms-to-be can be a bit over the top when it comes to prepping for the baby.

But when is it okay to opt out of certain baby shopping errands when your a soon to be dad? Or is opting out absolutely not cool at all? When this father to be starts to get annoyed by all the baby shopping, he takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for not being that into baby shopping 4 months before due date..?'

Let me be clear I am over the moon my wife is pregnant and we are having a baby. Like really really excited. However I am just not that into discussing the intricacies of strollers, car seats and cribs yet. Like I really just don’t care at this moment as I’ve got a lot else going on. Plus we will be moving before the baby arrives and I look at it all as just more stuff I’m going to have to move around. -nineteen84

Hmm...idk about this guy. I'm already kind of annoyed with him.

So today, my first day off in a while, I was going to some errands for myself. Wife wanted to join to get out of the house - no problem. After popping into a few stores she wants to go check out some cribs & car seats - no problem. So she’s looking at them in the store and I’m following her around, texting friends on my phone while she looks.

Okay well, texting isn't that bad. But then...

After a while she accuses me of not being into it, and tbh I’m really just not into the whole shopping thing and I could care less what type of crib/bassinet/car seat/stroller we get as long as it’s safe. Apparently this is a problem and my day off just went sour.

Well at least he's being honest?

Am I the asshole for not really being that into this stuff at this point? Is it standard practice to accumulate all this stuff so far in advance? Are most husbands that into talking about this crap for hours? AITA?

Ohhhhh boy. Well, let's find out if this father to be is the AH or not. Reddit had a lot to say.

YTA. A major one. Your wife is going to get more uncomfortable as the pregnancy goes on. Do you think she will be able to walk around shopping any easier when you decide you can be bothered in a few months? -excellentostrich

OP, no one is born knowing: a) what equipment parents need, b) what equipment exists for these needs and c) what's the good stuff and what's the bad stuff. Somebody has to find this stuff out, and you're leaving the ENTIRE JOB of researching, pricing, shopping, and selecting to your wife. -jadiejang

Divide and conquer is a legitimate strategy, but only when you've both discussed it thoroughly and agreed on how you will split up duties. She's taken on this heavy task. What will you counter with? YTA. -jadiejang

Yup! I ended up getting my daughter car seat only a few weeks before her birth. The manufacturer was sold out for MONTHS and if I went with another brand it wouldn’t be compatible with the stroller I had already purchased. The mental stress of being the only person to plan everything related to this new little life can be exhausting and so frustrating. -heyitsshanster

Also, God forbid, she goes into labor early or is put on bed rest for pre-eclampsia. You need to get this shopping done now so she can relax about it. Don't forget to get diapers ready, too. I don't think you're an asshole, but you need to be more supportive and proactive. -luckylady

Well, there you have it. This father to be is the AH. The lesson here? If you're trying to have a baby, don't marry this guy!

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