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Woman asks if she was wrong to make fun of Jesus to obgyn after getting 'slut shamed.'

Woman asks if she was wrong to make fun of Jesus to obgyn after getting 'slut shamed.'


Becoming a mother is a really difficult experience, and you need as much support as you can get. Usually pregnant women are given a pass for being emotional or hormonal, but do they ever take it 'too far?' When this pregnant woman feels like she 'acted out' in front of her OBGYN, she takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for acting 'crazy' and singing about Jesus during my prenatal appointment after my obgyn mocked me for my fear of needles and slut shamed me?I know the title sounds crazy so hear me out. Am i really the AH for this?'

I (25F) and my boyfriend (25M) are expecting our first child together. We have been together for 6 years, so it is what you would consider a long term relationship. We had our first prenatal appointment yesterday and this is what went down. For starters, this is my first time at this certain clinic, and therefore, my first time with this OBGYN. -preggdone

OP goes on to tell the weirdest story ever...

We get to the clinic and obgyn comes into the room. Right away she seemed rushed, and a little rude, making me feel like my questions were stupid, you know, basic stuff you would expect. Exams were performed and all nothing huge. At the end of the appointment, she told me that I would have to get my blood drawn from the lab.

Of course I knew this was coming but it really didn't make it easier. I have a huge fear of needles and it especially sucks when you're pregnant. So I said something like 'Okay sure. I'm just really scared of needles, so it won't be easy...'. My obgyn laughed and replied that if I thought needles were bad, I would just have to wait and see how bad giving birth is.

I mean, seems like this OBGYN meant no harm. Perhaps OP is overreacting? BUT THEN...

It kind of stung when she said that to me because it felt like she wasn't taking a genuine fear of mine seriously. I replied that yes of course giving birth hurts but it didn't change the fact that I still hate needles and getting poked and blood and all. She then said 'You obviously have no problem with having sex, so you can handle something smaller poking you.' I was floored.

Oh wow. That's a bit much from the OBGYN. But again, she probably meant no harm.

Now, this obgyn wasn't crazy old so that was another reason I was taken aback by her statement. And wondering why? She literally works with pregnant women. Me and my boyfriend aren't married and obviously don't have rings on our fingers, so maybe she had an issue with that?

I feel like OP is jumping to conclusions, but maybe I'm wrong...

So, as much as it hurt, I knew that I shouldn't take this woman seriously after THAT comment. I asked her if her mother was the virgin Mary or something, since she had a problem with sex. OB turned to me with a scowl. I then continued with my shitty acting skills...

'Wait...if your mother was the virgin Mary...that means...Oh my god! You must be the second coming of Jesus!!!!! Ohh it's a miracle!!! Bless Jesussss' Out of breath, I put my arms up in the air and started singing ' ♫ HOLY HOLY HOOOLLLLLLLY, LORDDD GOD OF MOSTTTTTTT ♫' I don't know what to think. Is this woman the AH?

So after she witnessed this she kept quiet, grabbed her things and walked out of the room, which is what I wanted. My boyfriend burst out laughing, hunched over, which caused a similar reaction from me. It was such a spontaneouus thing I had done, but I loved it. And you know, the overwhelming joy was actually enough for me to get through the blood yay I guess?

LOL. This woman sounds like a bit much. But is she?

Anyway, me and my mom went out to dinner together today. She asked me about the first appointment and I told her about what transpired. My mom was upset and said that it was wrong of me to act crazy during the appointment, and that we should have just got up and walked away if we didn't like the OBGYN. AITA?

Well, the jury's out on this one. The Reddit mob had a lot of opinions.

NTA. She pretty much told her she could take a dick she could take a needle. That is so grossly unprofessional it makes my head explode. I work in the health field, if my supervisor ever heard me utter anything like that, I would be fired on the spot. -THEPYODEAMEHDA

I didn’t see it as shut shaming, I saw it as kind of a way to undermine her fear of needles in maybe a jokie way. Op said she didn't like being poked by something so Dr says you don't mind being poked by your bf. I personally would have laughed but that's my humour and heard that joke said a lot in the uk. Maybe not by a Dr but she did say they were young. -bettyboo5

I'm premed and have had the opportunity to have some time in hospitals, and I can't think of a time where this would be ok. OP's reaction was weird and maybe not the best, but the OB was 100% out of line and being an AH in my opinion. -recentday78

Seriously? The 'have noproblem having sex' line wasn't a giveaway? NTA You didn't hurt anyone, OP. Being shown someone singing is hardly disproportionate punishment for insulting and talking down to a patient. -juliax1984

Then, this interesting point.

YTA. If OP lives in the Bible Belt or any other heavily pro-life area then that might be a reasonable inference to make. She didn’t say anything harmful and her mockery would only have any bite if OP was right about the doctor’s intentions.-forgottenarrow

YTA. Same here... that's a really far reach of an assumption for that comment. And yes, maybe the doctor was trying to lighten the mood with a joke and really failed and it ended up sounding really rude. Anyway, yes OP, ESH even you, you acted like a child. -alittletooeverything

YTA. Belive it or not, having random outbursts because you’re “such a trololol haha” isn’t a productive or mature way to handle any situation, it’s childish, overly emotional, and immature. -LOVEIslove

Well folks, everyone on Reddit was split on this issue. Where do YOU stand? Was the OBGYN slut shaming OP, or was OP out of line? The lesson here? Maybe OP needs a new OBGYN asap.

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