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Dad asks if he was wrong to lash out at brother who got son secret nose job.

Dad asks if he was wrong to lash out at brother who got son secret nose job.


Being a father is very difficult, especially when one of your kids is in distress. And what if your son or daughter is struggling with their body image and you don't know how to help them? When this father finds out that his brother secretly paid for his son's nose job behind his back, he takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for banning my brother from family events after he paid and took my son for a nose job?'

My son is 18 and always had an issue with his nose. Okay, it's slightly hooked but it's not ugly or causing problems. He asked for money to get a nose job. I said no. His mom said no.My brother was very tight with him and promised him the best graduation present ever. We were thinking an oscillating fan or a gift card. I thought nothing of it. -dueegglplant6702

Okay I'm sorry oscillating fan? THAT'S YOUR BIG GIFT TO YOUR SON?

Come to find out, my brother got him a nose job. It was this big secret that I didn't know. He actually lied about being at his mom's and lied to her about being at my house then saying he was at his friend's when he was at my brother's for a week after the procedure.

Wow, this family is so weird. The son is hiding out recovering from this nose job? Wild...

When I saw my son, he looked like he'd been slugged in the face. I thought he was joking when he said he got his nose job. My brother said he did nothing wrong, just did what me and his mom couldn't do and paid for it and and accept it because our son is not a little kid.

It's as if I don't recognize my son. My son says he's 'happy' with it but it's not even close to being healed. I feel so betrayed that I banned my brother from coming over. AITA?

This family drama is BIZARRE. Is OP the AH? Let's see what Reddit has to say.

'best graduation present ever'...... You know an oscillating fan.......just for this comment alone YTA. Also, it doesn't matter that you think it wasn't causing problems for him, he obviously thought it was for him. Your brother listened and you didn't, so you don't get to be mad at your brother. -mssmith790

Dude, the more I sit and think about the OSCILLATING FAN statement, the more I need context. Like, does he have a fetish for them that we don't know about? Does he collect vintage ones? Is it so hot where they are at that it's considered a high value gift where ever they are from? ...... OP I NEED DETAILS, IW ON'T BE ABLE TO SLEEP TONIGHT. -mssmith790

Yeah op YTA, your son is 18 and now legally an adult so he doesn’t need your permission anymore. If he wants to tattoo he’s face blue that’s on him. If he doesn’t like he’s nose, he can get a nose job. But props for your brother for listening to your son who said he disliked something about himself for a long time and wanted to do something about it and helping him. -christinefmfn

'It's not ugly or causing problems.' Yes, I'm sure he decided to undergo surgery with a painful recovery when his nose wasn't causing problems. YTA. - perspexsea

NTA. As I read it, his mom said no to money for a nose job… that’s fine. That shit is like $5k? $10k? Mom and OP are not an AH for not paying for it. They just seem to think money and permission are the same and the the son needs permission. Wellp lol... -hottheandchicken

Well folks, what a strange story. Was OP the AH? Is it okay for a parent to not give permission for their child's life altering surgery? And more importantly, is it EVER okay to buy an oscillating fan as a graduation present?

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