Paris Hilton is back! Or maybe she never went away! Maybe she's been hiding in your house for the last several months, filming this bizarre sex party in your basement!

The woman on the right has the facial expression of someone questioning all the life decisions that brought her to this moment. (via ParisHiltonVEVO on YouTube)

I guess Paris Hilton is still a thing, and Paris Hilton trying to have a music career is still a thing, because suddenly we have this music video for "High Off My Love," featuring Birdman. It's a fever dream of a video in which Paris asks "Do you want to get high off my love?" at least 50 times, but never gives anyone an opportunity to answer.

If this is a sex party, and I have to pick one of these people as a partner, I choose the man with a chandelier for a face. (via ParisHiltonVEVO on YouTube)

Sources: h/t Perez Hilton | ParisHiltonVEVO