What a dick. (Via

Sometimes you just can't tell if you're a self-important dick. One clear indicator is if you bought a shiny white Corvette, and then parked it like like this.

An even better indicator is to return to your narcissistically parked penis-replacement to find it like this:

Justice is served. (Via)

Redditor AnotherCJMajor is the driver of the mud-splattered Jeep, and is ready to defend against all zombie outbreaks or any instances of people buying shiny white Corvettes and then parking them like dicks. According to his testimony, AnotherCJMajor witnessed the selfish parking job, climbed over the curb, and then pulled alongside the offensive vehicle closer than two sisters sharing secrets. Then in an effort to make sure only the Corvette's owner was disturbed, moved his car the second said Corvette dick drove away. 

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