A passerby with chalk decided to shame this jerk for taking up two spots.

We obscured the license plate to protect the identity of the not innocent.
(via Reddit)

An eagle-eyed redditor spotted this car at a mall in New Jersey and posted a picture with the caption "Whoever did this, I commend you." Some chalk-wielding vigilante had come along and written "douchebag parking" next to the car, just to let the driver know what a douchebag he or she is.

As a New Jersey native, I'd also like to commend that anonymous hero. I spent too much of my life looking for a spot just because some yutz had pulled a move like this. I've been campaigning for the state to actually introduce legitimate Douchebag Parking for years, but those douchebags in Trenton won't do it. Douchebags.

Sources: Redditor amel_topalovic