Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hosted the "Olsen Olympics."

Team MK or Team Ashley? #TeamMK #TeamAshley #OlsenOlympics #MaryKateOlsen #AshleyOlsen #JaredSeligman #YaleBreslin
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I have done this before! Team Mary-Kate for life!

The top two twins turned 29 over the weekend, so of course they had an Olympic-style challenge with participants wearing t-shirts declaring which one they affiliate with. Which is exactly what the twin characters in their movies would do. The event was obviously in the Hamptons.

The most surprising thing about this is that it was called the "Olsen Olympics" (according to little sister Lizzie Olsen's Instagram hashtag). These days, you usually hear them called Mary-Kate and Ashley, like the two individual people that they are.

Sources: h/t The Cut