If you're into a very white butt your dreams are about to come true!

Before we talk about dat ass, can we talk about how this song is shamelessly grasping for the honorary title of "song of the summer"? Every year, as the days get longer and people slowly shed their winter wear, radio stations throw out the best and brightest of the "song of summer" possibilities. In a fair and just world, that song would be determined by honest groovitude levels, not on who includes the word "summer" and an f-bomb in the title.

If that didn't seem cheap enough, now Adam Levine is showing off his assets to get us to watch, share, and talk about this song. Well, it worked, Maroon 5. This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf*cker is officially the "song of the summer." I didn't want it and you don't deserve it, but you're savvy marketers and lean mean music machines.

Sources: Maroon 5