A video that takes us on a tour of the factory birthplace of your favorite anthropomorphized Easter marshmallow.

Finally, spring has arrived! The crocuses and snow drops are pushing through the thawing ground, people are Mary Tyler Moore-ing their winter hats, and everyone is giving each other sex eyes. Well, turn those sex eyes on this video and watch how the Peeps get made. When you see those little yellow soldiers lining up to march into your mouth, you know winter is finally over.

The company that makes Peeps, Just Born, is still a family owned business, and damn if they aren't dedicated. The Borns have been making candy since 1917. Their factory has been in Bethlehem, PA since 1932 and they've been mass producing our Easter Peeps since 1953. Two BILLION of these guys get made every year! Probably because we've been nibbling the delicious crusty sugar edges off and throwing the rest of that soggy mess away?

Sources: ABC News | h/t Mashable