I'm so glad I found this, and that my notebook is
a safe distance away from her.
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If you're like me, your handwriting is, you know, fine. Or, at least it was the last time you actually wrote something by hand. At some point in our lives, most of us have known someone whose nice handwriting made us jealous. Not this girl, though, because she would simply steal that handwriting and make it better (and possibly commit identity theft). This handwriting sample from redditor Oddacious, if you want to call this masterwork of shapeshifting a "sample," was submitted to the r/PenmanshipPorn forum on reddit a year ago, and it understandably became the top post of all time. Because r/PenmanshipPorn is not the social center of the Internet, however, people are only discovering this more widely today after someone reposted it to the far larger r/pics subreddit with the headline "This girl's handwriting is the coolest thing I've seen all week." I don't disagree, and I've watched a pug enter an ecstatic trance during a sink bath five times already since Monday.

Sources: redditor SusanLandis601 | redditor Oddacious