But how can I "live review" my meal on Yelp?! (pic via Facebook)

To prevent the dining room's atmosphere from turning into a quiet crypt full of faces lit up a ghostly white from staring at their LED screens, Bedivere Pub in Beirut is trying to get people to close their text windows by appealing to their wallets. You get a 10% discount if you hand over your phone to management upon being seated, in an effort to create a livelier, more social vibe. 

Could this backfire? Will Bedivere discover that the people who sit at the table staring at their phones for two hours are exactly the people you don't want to be engaging others IRL? Maybe they'll start offering a 20% discount to people with objectionable personalities if they promise to sit quietly and play Candy Crush on mute while in the dining room. And how many couples will walk out in tears when they discover their phones and the vast world of distractions they provide are the only things keeping them together?

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