If you're taking engagement photos in a public place, watch out for passing Amy Schumers.

Hey, aren't you that lady from "12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer"? (via Alisha Siegel)

Fiancés Joseph Turnage and Brandon Moore were taking engagement photos in Central Park when a jogging Amy Schumer hopped into frame. According to the engaged couple's photographer, Alisha Siegel, Schumer asked if she could be in a picture and they said yes before realizing who the mysterious sunglasses-wearing woman was. After they took the photo, Schumer said, "You guys know I'm, like, real famous." I think they know.

It really changes the game to know that strangers who approach you in New York City might turn out to be Amy Schumer taking your wedding album to the next level. It's also refreshing to see a celebrity posing for a photo in true running gear and staying true to the girl-you-don't-need-makeup lifestyle.

Sources: Vulture