15 people who really don't know how to use the "panorama" feature on their phone.

15 people who really don't know how to use the "panorama" feature on their phone.


If you drew a cartoon cloud around this, it would be a fight scene from Looney Tunes.
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The best thing you can do on the Internet is to do something badly in real life. Fortunately for all the weird photo lovers on the web, people are pretty darn bad at using the panorama option on their cellphone cameras. Hey, I get it, it's a tricky device. Taking a panorama requires you to move at a steady pace and in a straight line with your camera—in other words, something above and beyond the capacity of the average human adult. So, basically, most panoramas are bad panoramas, which means it takes a lot to get on this list. These are the ones that were so bad that they came out the other side as art. Accidental, weird, sometimes nightmare-inducing art.


The feeding of Christians to a giant pale lion was one of the great tragedies of old Rome.
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Fish, fish, fish fishy, oh! Oh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish. That went wherever I did go.
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The rare purple-back goriilla is easily startled. (via Mashable)


This kid probably has more of a future in basketball than tumbling.
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This is what I feel like any time I've had to be numbed with anesthesia. (via imgur)


"Don't mind me, I'm just playing hopscotch in five dimensions right now."
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You can't make a cat care about something like physics. They don't have time.
This real two-legged cat is still cuter, though. 
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Eventually, it will metamorphose into a dog butterfly.
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What's wrong with the guy at the bottom? Why doesn't he have two bodies?
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It's the Smart Car of the horse world. 
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I'll bet that makes dangling strings in front of cats a lot more fun. (via Distractify)



I'm more concerned about where her right elbow went. (via redditor amystephens)


That guy is surprisingly uninterested in saving his friend from an alternate dimension.
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Zoom in. More. More. A little to the left.  There you go! Buttdog.
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