Cape Codsicles

From @Dapixara: "Turtle, king of the Ice." (via Twitter)

According to my relatives in Boston, local news is abuzz with a debate over whether they want one more snowstorm to break annual snowfall records (they're just a few inches short) or whether they just want spring to finally come. Well, across the bay on Cape Cod, a whole new kind of insane snowfall is occurring, namely landfall by huge icebergs. These haven't appeared on the beach for a few years, but after this year's brutally cold temperatures (read here on why this winter had been so weird) and heavy snowfalls on already-frozen seas (like the "slurpee waves" of Nantucket) have created bergs the size of small shacks. Cape Cod-based photographer Dapixara captured these amazing pictures of the icy boulders with all kinds of curious onlookers.

Sources: @Dapixara