JK Keller has been taking a self-portrait a day since 'Tearin' Up My Heart' by NSYNC was at the top of MTV's 'Total Request Live.'

The first two major viral photo-a-day projects came out in 2006 (ironically, within 3 weeks of each other), although one became so iconic it is now the template for all pic-a-day parodies (see it and the surprisingly touching Simpsons version below). JK Keller was already almost 8 years deep into his project at that point. This is pretty mind-blowing. The word "selfie" had yet to plague the English language. The concept of a self-portrait a day only existed among snooty art students, and certainly hadn't been tested on a mass audience. Yet this guy was already doing it before it was trendy (as were the very first people to do it, obviously).