This pig is top hog!

The dog to the pig's left looks like he's trying to decide whether he should call the cops. (via Reddit)

The video below is of a pig participating in demonstration exercises at the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show. With dogs. I can't think of anything I'd like to watch more than this right now unless the woodpecker and weasel showed up at a Kitten Bowl practice.

The pig is a 45-pound "miniature" named Amy. Her owner, Lori Stock, started taking Amy to local dog obedience classes where, according to the Seattle Times, Amy "only has to be instructed a couple of times before learning something new." That lead Amy to participate in the dog show. Of course, she didn't get to compete as a show animal — but considering that she was the only pig there, I think we can think of her as the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show's #1 winningest pig.

Also, pet pigs always make me think of that episode of Dr. Katz where Ben decides he's going to breed potbellied pigs as his day job:

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