Former 'Playboy' bunny Sarah Burge is famous for her extensive plastic surgery.

Sarah and Poppy Burge. (via YouTube)

Sarah Burge has made headlines in the last few years as an outspoken proponent of plastic surgery. The 55-year-old UK mother has had more than $3,000,000 worth of work done in her lifetime. But if she was dreaming of making it to $4,000,000, she might have to dream on. On a recent episode of E!'s Botched, she was turned down in her request for a hand lift.

That's right – two plastic surgeons on a reality show decided it wasn't ethical to operate on this woman. That's a pretty monumental feat. How did Burge accomplish it? She brought her 10-year-old daughter Poppy to the consultation, to show her what the future had in store for her.