UK native Jordan Parks is a self-proclaimed lip-filler addict and his lips are leaking. He wants them to stop leaking.

A naturally plump lip and a strong brow. (via YouTube)

There is a show on E! called Botched, because people like plastic surgery horror stories almost as much as they like looking at pictures of themselves through perfect Instagram filters. Jordan Parks appeared on the show because he is addicted to lip-filler and his lips are leaking. We reported on him before when he first revealed he had spent more than $150,000 on these procedures specifically in order to look like Kim Kardashian.

Parks has injected filler in his chin and cheeks, and he also gets Botox. He explains, "I can't really move my face," followed by lighthearted laugh. He then nonchalantly touches his lips and says, "sometimes, like, filler can leak out the side. It's quite scary," but he doesn't really seem very scared. Parks says, "they need to fix them because I'm worried if they keep leaking I'm going to end up with small lips again and that wouldn't be me."

Sources: YouTube