The U.S. ambassador to New Zealand is under investigation for sexist comments. USA! USA!

The U.S. ambassador to New Zealand is under investigation for sexist comments. USA! USA!

An official inquiry into the U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand is underway after the undiplomatic diplomat made comments about women's looks.

Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts senator and one of the first ambassadors tapped by President Donald Trump, was at a Peace Corps gala celebration in Samoa when he decided to offer some unsolicited career advice to a waitress.

New Zealander news site Stuff reported that Brown told the server she could cash in on her looks and make a killing in the hospitality industry in the States.
Excuse me?

Brown insists that his suggestion wasn't about her looks, but about her skills. Hmmm.

With his wife by his side, Brown later gave a classic politician's interview and insists that any innuendo was simply a cultural misunderstanding.

He described his night at the banquet to Stuff:

Well, we walked [into the banquet] and everyone really was dressed to the nines. They all looked great. Gail [his wife] looked great. I was dressed up. I said, ‘You guys look beautiful. You look really handsome, sir.’ And apparently somebody took offense to that. Fine. I did say that. Gail and I did say it.

And when someone came over and served food, I said you can make hundreds of dollars in the service industry. Waitress. Bartending. Sales. You guys are doing a great job. And somebody took offense to that as well.


According to The Guardian, two female Peace Corps members made the complaint to the State Department, which Brown assumes was "politically motivated."

Brown and his wife, Gail.

“At this event, there were a lot of people that didn’t like [President Donald Trump],” Brown said. “Sadly, it’s politics, and it is what it is.”

But people are discussing whether this fits into a pattern of more inappropriate behavior.